Friday, July 30, 2010

Bio Shock By Bob Byrne

I wish I had all my old drawings like Nick and Will posted. I have lots of stuff from 15-18 below but nothing before hand.

This is a card I made for a friend's birthday last week, she's a hardcore gamer.
The story of how my Da made a woman drink spit and dog food on Spazzmoid today


g gfdg said...

That card is brilliant Bob!

Brigonos said...

That is a brilliant card, Bob - totally nicking the idea for my niece's next birthday. I played Bioshock for about an hour once and then never bothered with it again, but despite only being 10 she's played through them both about ten times. I'm not saying you have to be a girl or a gaysexualist to like Bioshock, but the science seems to strongly suggest it.

Bob Byrne said...

I never played it! I've seen it been played in her house though and it just confuses me. If you need the .psd for the logo let me know.

Stephen Thompson said...

I love that he's got his drill in the cake. He seems like he's having fun.

LEN said...

Love the Big Daddy- both Tara and her 17 year old cousin loved the game (I played it through, and have to say it's pretty great).
All my drawing are sitting under my bed back at my Dad's, all the way back to 4 or so. Looking forward to sharing some of the goodness at some point.
In the meantime- feast your eyes on this wonderful bit of nostalgia: