Monday, May 16, 2011

Short Sharp Shlock!

This is the basis for a cover for longtime friend of the blog, writer par-excellence and honorary Mick-head Dave Hendrick's new book, Short Sharp Shlock. It's an anthology book featuring 3 stories all written by Dave, and illustrated by 3 great artists, including other friend of the blog(we have 2 friends! they're both called Dave!), and painter extraordinaire, Dave O'Sullivan.

So I illustrated the main image, and a few of the other Micks(Thompson, Dec and Will) are pitching in with the smaller images that will slot into them there boxes on the left and feature characters from the three stories within. I'm hoping they'll hop on the bandwagon tomorrow, wednesday and thursday with their respective images(right guys?). There's also a good chance that úber-colourist Jordie Bellaire(of stepping out with Dec Shalvey fame, for her sins) will throw a few hues on this bad-boy too. Should look pretty sweet. (Please ignore my crappy temp-lettering, the guys will be providing the good stuff.)

It was a fun, quick little experiment teaming up on the cover, and hopefully will yield some interesting results. As far as I know Dave is debuting the book at the upcoming Heroes con in Charlotte next month, but don't quote me on that.


Bennessy said...

awesome stuff as usual!

Bennessy said...

oh yeah n i think the title placement at the top of the page works best. IMO the eye flows better around the page.

Stephen Thompson said...

Plus comic companies and retailers reeeeally hate putting the logo on the bottom.

Nick said...

I didn't want to involved anyway.

Gud droring Stevin.

Stephen Mooney said...

Title at the top it is. I'll move the other elements down a smidgen too just to give it more room to breath and improve the comp a little.