Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shaven Kraven

(apologies for the blog title)

Anyhue, not sure exactly why, but I got a hankering to draw me some Kraven the Hunter (who's name may be spelt Kravan, and, if I'd an ounce of human decency I'd spend it on checking the spelling - hang it, I checked, it's right).

Drawn in pencil with markers and brush (I started inking in brush, bought some pens and decided to finish it in marker - not my best decision ever, but still...)

ALSO: Bonus sketch-a-roonie, This week (today if you subscribe, wednesday if you buy in the newsagents) is the start of the three part "It Came From Bea Arthur Block" a goofie three part Judge Dredd written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by yours truly, to celebrate, I'll send someone a cool little sketch if they can use the attached wig image in some sort of comedy manner that makes me laugh the most. Competition ends in THREE weeks (that's three weeks from today). When the final part of the strip comes out... You can post your entries here in the comments, in a reply to my twitter feed or at my blog


Will Sliney said...

Awesome Kraven. I'll be picking that up on wednesday

David said...

Really like this sketch.

Moondog said...

Lovely, fun piece. Great energy.

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, this is class. I like the abnormally large hands. They work really well.

Moondog said...

Depends what ye use em for