Monday, February 23, 2009

The Eclectic Micks Sketch Blog

Hey True believers, Stupendious Sliney here with the first post in whats to be an ongoing sketchblog with contributions from the Electrifying Eclectic Micks (Once I get around to emailing them all and giving them access to post up their own pieces.) As you can see from the little sniveling posts below here I already broke protocal and posted out of order but from now on you'll only see my sketches on Wonderous Will Wednesdays. Mooneys on Mondays. Thompsons on Thursdays, and Shalvey, you guessed it, is on sundays. (Actually hes being really awkward and has picked tuesdays just because hes the artiste of the group) Hopefully well have Nick, Bob and PJ on here too to round off the week and give you quite the diversity of comic book art styles and who knows, maybe one day well have a sketchbook, either that or well have an empty blog with one post.