Monday, April 26, 2010

Farscape Week - Chiana

Farscape Week!
While I have to confess I've never actually seen an episode of Farscape, that's something I hope to rectify really soon. I've got it from some very reliable sources that it's a brilliant show. I certainly love the fact that the Henson studio were involved so much in the character design and creation, which is possibly something even cooler than the legendary Pigs In Space!(if such a thing is possible).

Here's my take on Chiana, whom I picked cos she's hot and kicks the shit out've things.

Oh! And buy Will Sliney's monthly Farscape book from Boom!. It's Aces.


Paul F said...

Ooh, pretty.

For people in the UK/Ireland, the first two episodes of Farscape are available on Sky Anytime until Friday. Well worth watching.

Fran Johnston said...


Stephen Mooney said...

It's always about the crtch with you, Johnston.
Crotch, crotch, crotch.


Will Sliney said...

Great Pic Mooney. Really gets across the movement of the character. Really like the skinny wrists too

Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers Will, you're the man I was aiming to please!

And cheers for that heads-up on the Farscape pilot Paul, I'll defo use the opportunity to check it out.

Arevhat said...

I love the color scheme, and the intensity of her face, and the sense of motion and power. She looks like she's packing enough power to knock down a wall, and that's impressive for someone so small.

I admit the "crotchtastic" pose was...startling when I opened the link.

Unknown said...

Yep, crotchtastic was my first thought. Which kind of distracts form the rest of the drawing and its intent, in my opinion. I'm not being prudish, not at all. I like the kick, like the power behind it and expression and colors, but then I see crotchtastic and… the concept of the drawing crumbles.

Stephen Mooney said...

Well, I don't know what that says about you or me, but I never even considered that the piece may be controversial. How else would you draw such a pose? It's not like there's any hint of genitalia on show. The character wears a skintight costume!
Nobody seemed too offended when I drew Iron Fist in pretty much the same pose here:
But then he's wearing baggy pants I guess.
Maybe I subconsciously over-sexualised it, but I certainly didn't intend to.

Declan Shalvey said...

There's nothing sexual about that man; like you say; it's a girl in a skintight costume doing a high kick. If someone sees something sexual in that then it says something more about the viewer, than the artist, in my opinion.

Great piece man; i'm gonna do a really sexy drawing of Pilot for tomorrow.

Unknown said...

A slightly different angle would've solved the problem. Honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw it that the angle was chosen intentionally to accent how hot the character is. If it says anything about the viewer, than it’s only that the viewer knows there are many other ways to draw a high kick ;) But of course the viewer understands they can’t know the intention of the artist, and that they may be wrong. It's not controversial, and I don't think there's anything wrong-wrong about it. I'm simply saying the choice of angle is distracting form all the good things that this drawing has ;)

Stephen Thompson said...

I like the skinny arms and the background swoosh the best.