Monday, January 24, 2011


My favourite version of the thunder god has always been the kickass bearded version that Walt Simonson portrayed. The beard just made him seem that much more manly and...Norse.
A close second would be the recent version that Olivier Coipel served up in his great run on the book. Fantastic stuff.

PS- I wasn't going to devote as much time to this piece at all, but then noticed this morning that this week marks my 100th Micks post. Who wudda thunk it.


Nick said...

Almost made it to 72 hours unchallenged! A Micks record...?

Happy centenary, boss. Must be mine this week too, as I've not missed a day. My tally is 93 though. Hmm, I'm somehow un-tagged.

Anyway, great work. Nice ellipses! Lovely solid figure too. Apply my compliments to your real-life appearance, by the way.

Stephen Thompson said...

Tricky bit of subtle foreshortening on the figure there, nicely done sir.

jamie said...

and nice ripping off of decs use of the letratone!
just cos he's got a marvel gig and you haven't,
awesome pic,
thanks for all the previous art,too!

Will Sliney said...

Nice stuff moondawg. Would like to see this coloured. Hmm i missed a post around christmas once so it looks like my 100th will be Ultimate Spiderman, nice one!

Declan Shalvey said...

To be fair Jamie, Thompson and Mooney were using halftone on this blog before I ever tried it. If anything, *I* robbed it from THEM.

Great piece Mooner.

100 posts... mental.

jamie said...

they might have used it,but you make it look cool!