Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CENTURIUS (Version 1)

Centurius is this old Marvel character from the 70's that's now on the Thunderbolts beta-team (or Underbolt team!). I got a chance to do this modern update on him, which was great fun. If you're reading the book, you know what he looks like (or you can see it here along with the other Underbolt redesigns).

This was my first pass at him; I tried to stick a little closer to his original design but making him look more regal; kind of like a knight. Jeff Parker (T-Bolts writer) asked me to lose the helmet and goggles as he thought there was this unusual trend of black superheroes having blue goggles. Y'know what... he was right! Jeff also asked that I lose the front cape and make his face more visible. I still kinda wish I had that front cape bit... I thought it would make him more visually interesting; just to have something flowing off his stiff frame. Still; it was no big deal and I really like the final version.

Jordie helped me out on colours with this guy too. Thanks Jordie!



Stephen Thompson said...

Nice stuff Dec. I like the way you can just see his nose poking over his collar, makes him look like a Bash Street Kid. The final one looks great though. Shocker will always look like Pineapple Man to me though.

Stephen Mooney said...

While the goggles aspect is correct, I do wish the front-cape thingy had remained intact, I really like it. Makes for a nice silhouette. In this version he looks like a cool cross between a knight and an ironsmith from an olde forge. Which can only be a good thing. But that said, the final design does look great.

Declan Shalvey said...

Hey Thomps, yeah Shocker will never move past that pineapple thing. I prefer to think of him as the Man From Del Monte, were he a supervillain. Spoiler: he says 'YES'.

Mooner; Yeah, I still really like that sash-think, but as you say, the final design still works so it's no big deal. Jeff rarely asks me to change things, so when he does ask, I'm sure he has good reason.

Nick said...

Yeah, I think the tunic shoulda stayed too. Shame. Nice drawings all-round though. Very tight and finished for character sketches. A treat.