Tuesday, October 25, 2011

X-MEN + SPIDERMAN... from 1996!!!

Posting a pic from 15(!?!) years ago today...

A friend of mine from school scanned this and sent it to me a while back. I think I was planning to draw this comic once I had finished my epic X-Men vs Squadron* crossover. Not bad for a 14 year old, eh?

It's crazy to look back at this stuff. I can kinda remember where I must have lifed some of these poses from. None of it was traced though, I always tried to duplicate a pose in order to figure it out.

[*Squadron were a highly original, not-at-all-like-the-X-Men super-hero team of my own creation]



tomm said...

hah could be great to see everyones first dabblings in comics?

Ron Salas said...

I love that at the young age of 14 you've distilled the essence of 90's superhero comics in this one drawing.

Stephen Thompson said...

I wonder if 14 year old Declan would like your current work? I can recongnise five or six of those poses off the top of my head, mostly Jim Lee with a little Madureira thrown in for good measure.

Stephen Mooney said...

Pretty sure I copied half of the same Jim Lee poses when I was the same age.
I just love how ornate every 14 year old wannabe comicbook artist's signature inevitably is. I used to draw a ridiculously detailed open book type situation with my initials lavished onto the pages as if it were ancient monks illustrating the book of kells. Poorly.

Maybe we should make a(nice handy) theme week outta this, drawings our 14 year old selfs produced.