Friday, November 18, 2011

Watch Nick. Meet Nick. Lick Nick.

Wharro, homies.

I shall be doing one of my rare appearances outside of my hovel this coming week, for next Friday marks the start of the Wexworlds Sci Fi festival in Wexford Town, which is where I'm from, innit? I have my now-annual mini-display of work at The Wexford Arts Centre (where the below shot, coloured by Josh Burcham, shall be available for all to marvel at) and am doing a couple of comic workshops, like what I used to do before I went legit. See for details of what I'm up to and what other ace authors and experts you can harangue if you're in the neighbourhood.

To promote this though, I'm due to appear on live TV this coming Wednesday. Yep, I've finally made it to kids' TV, so I'll be wearing my tightest, reddest pair of trews. I'm on Elev-8 on RTE 2 sometime between 4 and 5pm, and rumour has it, drawing right there and then in front of your eyes and those of millions of dispossessed youngsters. So tune in, and, like, trend my name or something. #nicktightpants will do me.

(Psst: I know the line-art of this pic has been here before, but check out them hues, no?)


JayKent said...

don't forget to mention all ages Irish comics ahem....:D!

Will Sliney said...

Haha fantastic. Cant wait to see that

JayKent said...

lol well I never! lol might see ye in Wexworld (although hope its not like westworld!)

Stephen Mooney said...

Tighter, redder pants than Superman?