Monday, June 4, 2012


Had a blast with Dec and all the lads/lassies at 2d over the weekend. What a great bloody show; year in, year out.
The sketch of Superman on the right (of Darren's living room wall, cheers for the photo, sir!) was a tough one. Chris Ryall, IDW head-honcho/powermonger/crimestopper was taking the piss out've me the whole way through it, commenting (accurately) on how it turned out like a really convincing sketch of a vampiric Mr. Sinister. Sonuvabitch. The Iron Man sketch was also mine from a previous year.
There are 2 GREAT Shalvey sketches either side of these that I cropped out, as I figured he may want to post them up himself. 

PS- Just saw that this is 'Dark Avengers' week on the blog, but I have to go to a wedding today so don't have time to prepare anything. I'll do my utmost to get one done by the end of the week. Needless to say, Dec's drawing the book, so it'll look bloody wonderful, and Jeff Parker will knock the story out of the the park as always, I'm sure. Buy Dark Avengers! Stay in school!


Stephen Thompson said...

I'm pretty sure Vampiric Mr. Sinister is one of the Dark Avengers, so you're good.

Stephen Mooney said...

Aha! Good thinking.