Monday, July 9, 2012

Punk Rock Jesus

This week sees the launch of chum-to-the-Micks Sean Murphy's creator-owned book, PUNK ROCK JESUS. I've seen the art for the first issue, and it's bloody amazing. This is the first single issue of a comic (usually a trade-waiter) that I'll be picking up in over a year, I'm looking forward to it so much. Sean's work with writer Scott Snyder on American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest made that the best book of last year for me, and this promises to be just as good. Can't wait.


Bob Byrne said...

Deadly. Love the lettering. Does he only have the crosses on his back or is it all over?

Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers Bob! The lettering is the actual logo, stroked off one of the promo images. Not sure whether or not the crosses are all over the body, have only seen the dude's shirtless back. Dec might know..?