Friday, January 25, 2013


Sorry about the delay. we lost the keys to the blog and have been locked out. Flippin' freezing here. Someone turn on the heating.

Here's something else from last year that's finally started to trickle out to stores - the four-part cover to IDW's Rage of The Dinobots series. The Retailer Incentive variant of the series features a section of this mammoth (that was later, wasn't it?) beastie. #1 & #2 are out now, so get your LCS to keep you a copy of the remaining two and collect the set!

And wait until you see it in glorious Lafuentecolour...


Stephen Mooney said...

Reminds me of that legendary Jim Lee 4-stroke cover to X-Men 1 back in the day. Lovely stuff, Nickers.

Seo Kent said...

Nice post thanks forr sharing