Monday, August 1, 2011

Black Panther 2

A panel from some pages I'm working on at the mo for funsies. This is a pretty good example of how much detail I'll go into with the pencils if it's something that I'm going to ink myself. Not terribly polished, but all the requisite info is there to work from.


tomm said...

I find it fascinating to see the process. Do you ever think about schedule and time versus the money it's worth when planning pages? I guess it's the same rate per page so do you tend to work towards"money shots" or is ever page the same amount of work?

Stephen Mooney said...

To be honest the 'Money Shots' are that much more fun to draw, so the more of them the better. It's probably true to say I'm willing to invest a bit more time in them purely because it's more interesting/enjoyable, with a more immediate final effect, but if you really broke it down and analysed the figures I'd say it averages out to pretty much the same amount of time per page, anywhere between 10-14 hrs.