Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost Met The Eye

Almost a year without any of my TF comic work 'hitting' the 'stands' and two issues come out less than a month apart. How queer. Anyway, the Super-Shocking, All-New, All-Different first issue of Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye will be available to you all next week on new comic day. Both of the new ongoing TF books are what the discerning robo-fan has needed in their life for a long time, and 2012 looks like a bumper year for fans of the Changey Robots' comic adventures. I won't be drawing any of it past this issue, or at least not in the early part of the year, but I'm certainly looking forward to buying the books more than I have for yonks.

So here is Ultra Magnus from MTMTE, including his vehicle mode that will not be used in the comic itself. Blackballed, my friend. So I wanted to show it off here, cos I tolerate you guys.



Pat said...

ah the wet "I can't handle this right now" ultra magnus,to be fair though this incarnation looks like he'd hand any one their arse. well hard

Stephen Mooney said...

Can't wait to pick both this and Death of Optimus up on friday when I next get to a bloody comic shoppe.
Remember back when you promised ME an Ultra Magnus piccie? Yeah, me too.