Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Yeah, in case no one's figured it out yet, this week on the blog we're paying tribute to MISTER AMPERDUKE; opus work of fellow Eclectic Mick Bob Byrne. He's soon reprinting his successful graphic novel and all us Micks are chipping in a piece to include in the reprint (though technically, some of my work is already in the book *cough*).

Here's a pic of the man himself working away in his basement.



Stephen Thompson said...

lovely scene. I like how you've mixed Bob's design with your own style. When you draw Bob's characters it's hard not to just copy his way of drawing.

Stephen Mooney said...

Heh, that's great. Loving the ass-cleavage.
And you put in the new lamp!

Declan Shalvey said...

Was hoping you'd spot the lamp Mooney! This one has a base though.

Thomps; yeah, it's tough to draw Bob's characters without aping his style, so i made a point of not *really* drawing them; hence the back-shot. Plus; I think Bob wanted to see less action-y shots. I think this says more about Mr. Amperduke himself without properly drawing him.

Bob Byrne said...

Press ctrl+ alt/d for a virtual dick suck. That is deadly man just deadly.
All this talk of not being able to copy my style, it's simple: Don't go to art college, don't study life drawing, smoke bad dope and harass the sluts for a few years and soon you'll be as inept as me.

Thanks Dec.

Jim Connolly said...

I like this alot man. A cool concept done really well.
Think we can all probably relate to Amperduke lovingly obsessing in his private room. I find it hard to do any drawing with my lady in here on skype or something.

NHOJ said...

Loving this one, Dec.

I'm liking how you didn't go for the simple option of doing a mere front-viewing pinup of Mr. Amperduke.

Drawing the character from behind just makes this so interesting as it comes off to the viewer that we are witnessing a moment in time rather than merely having the character posing photogenically for us. Your use of lighting and the skewed angle really give the whole piece a nice sense of atmosphere too.

Great stuff.

Nick said...

They've said it all. Excellent choice, and a lotta care and effort went into this clearly. So fuckin' hard to draw a Bob character without a reek of Bob off ya afterwards though, eh?