Monday, May 3, 2010


Len's new online strip 'Farseeker' debuts this week , and we're all sketching one of the varied and wonderful characters. I chose Huran, the Warrior-Catmonk; love Len's design-work on him. All the characters are gorgeously designed for that matter, and even after only the first few strips we Micks have been privy to, the world and its inhabitants are incredibly well realised and defined. Swords and Sorcery, Intrigue and atmosphere, filtered through the deranged mind of a rogue Irishman, it's all gravy.
But don't take my word for it, head over here and ch-check it out!
Here's the official spiel:
'Abducted from their various worlds, a rag-tag group of other-worldly strangers have been charged with a cosmic quest by a mysterious and mischievous imp who claims they are destined to save the world... but he won't tell them how! Intelligent yet all-age-friendly fantasy in the vein of The Magnificent Seven and The Hobbit, FARSEEKER updates weekly every Friday.'

Dig it.


finnegandraws said...

Lovely stuff

Will Sliney said...

Great stuff Mooney. Interesting seeing you draw humanoid animals. I like it

LEN said...

Well, I'm just chuffed- very nice.

Stephen Thompson said...

I like the strip of colour technique, it'd work well on a cover methinks.