Tuesday, May 25, 2010


[NOTE: Cant get to a scanner today so i had to take a photo of the drawing. I'll update it with a decent scan once i get a chance]

Something a bit different this week. Will suggested that for this week i should ink a piece of his and he should ink a piece of mine. Sure why not?

Will suggest i ink the Thor piece he did last week (see here). I light-boxed the image onto a blank page, so i didn't stick really close to the original drawing. Still, i tried to keep the overall feel the same. My drawing wasn't very big, so i had to simplify the face a bit. I thought Thor's right hand should be smaller, but in retrospect i think i maybe went a bit too small. Also, i thought his hammer might look a bit better in his left hand.

Anyhoo, there's the finished image. Really curious about Wills image tomorrow.

Thoughts below.



Stephen Mooney said...

You didn't ink it so much as completely re-draw it.
Kevin Nowlan would be proud.
I prefer some elements of this, and some of Will's initial version.
I think the original has a lot more momentum through the figure with the hammer in the other hand, and therefore is more dynamic, less static. The intense facial expression helps Will's too.
Prefer the cloak and chainmail on yours though.
Two great pieces, and a really worthwhile experiment. I'd do the same with Thomps, but he wouldn't let me within a mile of any of his pics.

David Ferguson said...

I could tell you hadn't drawn it. There was something that wasn't your style. Good experiment.

Mike Hawthorne said...

Looks great.


LEN said...

Interesting experiment indeed- like visual Wife Swap (the show, not the Swinger Practice).

Stephen Thompson said...

I think it's funny that Will's was a super-sharp, highly saturated, full colour glamour shot and you've managed to turn it into a slightly blurry, black and white piece. Speaks volumes about your respective style's. It's like you took Michael's Bay's 'Transformers' and remade it into a B&W artfilm. "They could turn into robot's but they could never change what really mattered".

Will Sliney said...

Heh, Nice one Dec

Fran Johnston said...

Who knew Jeremy Beadle was Thor. Yeah that hands a bit too small oh and Dec, inker = tracer. Get with it!