Sunday, September 12, 2010

Under the Influence

Firstly, apologies for my general tardiness this month- it's been a rough one. Not a lot of time to spare, so I'm taking a leaf from PJ and spreading this wee meme he contracted .
It was fun to peel open the skull and rummage about, reconsidering your influences and where the fit in your head in terms of impact.


Stephen Mooney said...

That's a great idea Len, and very enjoyable and informative to look through. Some of your influences are very much in common with my own, others definitely less so. Sparks an interesting debate. Methinks I'll do a similar post myself at some point in the near future.

Bob Byrne said...

Who drew the two zombies second row from bottom?

LEN said...

That'd be John Hicklenton, formerly of Nemesis the Warlock, who passed away earlier this year- truly unique fella. I'll email you the full image- it's a doozey.