Friday, March 4, 2011

Assembling The Avengers

Wow, this birthday snuck up on us, huh? Here's the least-embarrassing, almost-complete image I have to hand; a work in progress image of them Avengers.

Thanks to everyone for visiting us over the last couple of years. You provide us with the kick up the arse some of us (me) desperately need.


Stephen Thompson said...

Outstanding stuff Nick. Lot of effort in this, is it a commission or something?

Declan Shalvey said...

Yikes! Yeah, that's a lot of work man!

I can't recall you doing a big team shot before. Really like all your takes on the characters. Like how McGuiness-y your Red Hulk is (can tell he's the Red Hulk from the hair).

All the effort really pays off in this piece. Great job.

Nick said...

Ta guys. It's a sample page; one of many I'm currently working on that feels like my arse is getting tenderised. I'll lick it yet. It's very much a Work In Progress, so plenty of clean-up, and even re-drawing to go. But I really appreciate your feedback on it. It really is just the ticket. Ta!

Dec: Yeah, hard not to make Red Hulk un-McGuinnessy, I've found! Hope it doesn't jar too much stylistically.


Stephen Thompson said...

Doesn't Rulk have black fingernails though?

Nick said...

Yup. I'll lash them in on the finishes. no harm to be reminded though.

Nick said...

Yeah, sure I'll lick it. Give me three euro.