Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey all. Seems this week is the Eclectic Micks blog's second birthday. Happy birthday blog! I celebrated by doing a big ol' Thunderbolts piece. Very strange to think how much has changed since we all started the blog 2 years ago.

While i'm at it, i might as well point to an interview i did on CBR on my new Crossbones one-shot, and let ye know my latest issue of T-Bolts (a spotlight issue on Man-Thing) is out tomorrow. Preview here.



Eoin Marron said...

Was just having a gander at those preview pages, love what you're doing with Manny, Dec! I think a lot of artists forget that he's covered in (and mostly composed of) goopy swamp mush and draw him more like a hairy Hulk than anything, whereas you manage to find a great balance between the two.

The panel where Man-Thing emerges to confront the council execs is fantastic, you can just feel all that slop gushing off him!

Chris O'Halloran said...

that's pretty badass. Are you getting that dotted imprint effect through manga studio?

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah cheers Eoin, appreciate it. I really like drawing foliage and the like, so Man-Thing is a lot of fun to draw.

I think because Man-Thing hasn't made much of an appearance in a long time, no one really goes to the effort of figuring him out; they draw "a hairy Hulk" as you say, but I picked up and old Essential volume of his and studied how the various artist drew him til i figure him out myself.

Chris; halftone is done in Photoshop.

Chris O'Halloran said...

halftone! got it.