Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Bonanza

Well, two years ago to this day, Mooney posted the first daily blog piece for our blog. It literally started off as just an excuse for us to get each other drawing, I dont think any of us expected it to last two years and produce over 700 art posts and two sketchbooks

I came up with the idea a few weeks back that it might be a nice idea for the birthday to showcase some of that talent thats around the country

First up is Paul Reck
You can check out his work at

Heres CIT Multimedia student (my old college course) Chris O'Halloran

Next up is Cormac Hughes, one of the Sketchpaddys

Heres Adam Law, also known as Twulfster

Ben Hennessy (who I met at my very first con years ago)

 Mighty piece by John Cullen who accompanied a few of us to NYCC

 Regular Poster Kevin Logue also known as Gio
 Another Sketch paddy Ger Hankey

 Heres one from Pat Sinnott

 And rounding out the sketchpaddys is Robert Carey aka Mansloth

Cancertown artist Stephen Downey with a mighty Thor piece

Ciaran Finnegan who went to the Marvel talent search with us a few years back

Ciaran Lucas also known as Charco who regularly has new art up on his deviantart

Heres "Snips" (who I just had to draw for a Star Wars comic) by Michael Nolan

Great piece by John McGuinness

Heres the Goon by Kevin McNamara who I met at my first con "behind a table"

If I somehow miss-spelt your name or got your link wrong, or more importantly, didn't post up your image yet then please email me and send me a reminder. My internet has been extremely dodgy of late
Thanks to all who entered, its great to see the large interest in comics in the country

And we have a late entry from Hilary Lawler


Bennessy said...

And an inspiring two years its been, Happy Birthday Micks!

and thanks for the opportunity to post on your blog!

Will Sliney said...

Thanks for the art man. Great effort by everyone involved

NHOJ said...

Nice looking work, all!

Also, congrats to the Eclectic Micks for going two years strong, here's to another two (three, four, five...)!

Ciaran Lucas said...

Congrats on the two years lads, may there be many more to come! :D

Declan Shalvey said...

Bloody hell! Wasn't expecting this much a response!

Great stuff lads, thanks for sending in yere work. It's great to see there's so much more home-grown talent :)

finnegandraws said...

Yeah, really great turn out, and happy birthday lads!

Stephen Thompson said...

This is the most imaginative way of getting out of drawing a post I've ever seen. Nice work Will.

Ger said...

Happy Birthday Micks, and thanks for showing my stuff!

Superhilbo! said...

Happy Birthday! Wow there is some cool stuff here. : ) So there is hope for the country after all!

Chris O'Halloran said...

happy birthday and thanks

Stephen Mooney said...

Wow, lot of honest-to-goodness really good stuff here!
We've gotta set up some sort of Junior-Micks stable, the next wave of Irish comicbook pros. I'm thinking code-rings and lapel pins, and those caps with propellers on top...

Gio said...

Happy birthday lads! Cheers for the chance to post on here, your blog my go to place when im in an inspirational runt!! Hope there will be many birthdays ahead. Keep her lit!

Adam Law said...

Thanks for the opportunity guys!

Emma Elisabeth said...

wow it looks great!happy bday!!

Cormac said...

Cheers Guys and Happy Birthday.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

Happy Birthday guys, thanks for the feature!

Bob Byrne said...

Nice! Some really great artists in Ireland. I'm trying not to use the word 'scene' here.

Any colourists looking for work, gizza mail.

Mansloth said...

Class work from everyone.