Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card

My Christmas card. Part 5 of Say a Prayer today.

Mewwy Chwithmith fwends!


Stephen Mooney said...

This is possibly the best colouring I've seen from you man, gorgeous pastel-ey hues.

ATOM said...

Funny stuff!

You would have to screen who you send that to! LoL!

Bob Byrne said...

Really? Whole thing took 20 mins. Nice one man.

Well Atom it went to my Da, my Grandad and all the companies I freelance for.

ATOM said...

I was thinking "what if your ma saw it" otherwise great!Its a lot more fun than the usual boring X-Mass store bought drivel.I always appreciate humourous cards....sadly my ma does not! :)

Enjoy your Christmas Bob,incidentally what part of Ireland are you from? I'm originally from Killester in Dublin, but have lived in the U.K the past 10 years.