Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Christmas, from the Crew on B for Beer...

Hey, due just before Christmas (23rd of December) is the first issue of Happy Valley, just a smidge before my 40th Birthday (which is the 28th of December).

This is the pencil and inks for my eChristmas cards (cus I'm too cheap/disorganised to print anything). Pencils were done by hand, with a pencil, and the inks were down in Manga Studio. I think I love it now.

Anyhue, hope you like, see you all on the other side of Christmas! Have a good one! (there's a 5 page full colour preview here: )


ATOM said...

Nice, is that a Wellington bomber or a Mosquito?

Happy Christmas, we want a Fokker next year to balance things out. :)

Stephen Mooney said...

Cracking pic Pj.