Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Hold me." "I can't."

Nice festive slice of mawkishness here. No chance to conjour up a unique Nickmas image right now, so resurrected an old Edward Scissorhands sketch from yonks back, and lashed some snow over the blighter. Go and hold the blonde Winona in your life tonight.



Kevin Mc Namara said...

Nice one, eddies one of me fav christmas films, doesnt beat gremlins though that fims a killer christmas classic!

Stephen Thompson said...

Really like how you did the snow, especially the blurry bits.

Stephen Mooney said...

Why is it that I can oh-so-easily see you wearing this outfit?

John said...

I'd like to see Bob doing a bewdward Scissorhands next.

Judy said...

Captured him really well in this, very johnny depp face, detail and body pose is great, does show his personality and fragility too.
The snow effect rocks