Sunday, December 13, 2009

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

Wotcha, Mick-Lickers. Continuing my Christmas batch of offerings, here's a specially-created, just under-the-wire homage to probably my favourite Christmas film, Scrooged. As well as enduring drunken blow-ins, popping our old recorded-off-the-telly video of this flick is a time-honoured Christmas Eve tradition at Roche Towers. Pointless for me to go into the reasons why this film is as perineum-shreddingly good as it is, so I'll allow your comments to do the work for me.

God Bless Us, Every One!



Unknown said...

Very cool work Mr Roche. Watched it last week and yet again I totally forgot Lee Majoys was in it. Why do I always forget the intro....Its one of the best of any film.

Be chatting to you real soon.

The Jaf

Tristan Jones said...

Dude. With this single post, you have elevated yourself to being some kind of awesome god amongst men. I watch Scrooged EVERY damn year, and will be the final film in our flat's X-mas movie marathon.

Stephen Mooney said...

Ah, Nickleby, what a winner.
Deadly piece altogether, love it almost as much as I love the movie. It's up there with A Wonderful Life and Die Hard as my must-watch christam movies, year-in, year-out.

Didn't realise Skeletor was in it, though.

Nick said...

Skeletor was in you too. And you loved it.

Good choice on t'other Chrimble Filmbles though. And I'm glad this little effort went down well. Not sure how much time I'll get for a dedicated Christmas pic this weekend. We shall have to see.

You've all earned towels.

Will Sliney said...

Greeeeaaat pic. I havent seen that movie in years, must watch it over the hols

Liam said...

Ah, no way! I LOVE THIS! One of my fav Christmas movies too.

Stephen Thompson said...

Greeeatt picture, you really put a lot into this one. fantastic likenesses too, especially the ghost of Christmas past. 'Scrooged' is one of the three movies I watch religiously at Christmas along with 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'Die Hard'.

real testaments said...

very good work there my man. your a champ. champ.

Shaun K said...