Friday, December 31, 2010


Forgive the scribbly nature of this offering, but I think I'm the illest it's possible to humanly be without wearing a toe-tag. Great theme week this week, and very apt, with Indijons clogging up the schedules as he does every Christmas. Lovely stuff.

And unless I get press-ganged into Pictionary or Cranium later tonight, this is my final doodle of 2010. Here's hoping for more unbidden weekly offerings in 2011! Stay safe, Mick-Lickers. N'Night!



Stephen Thompson said...

Excellent. Lovely cartoony likeness. Also I'm glad to see somebody did a suave version of Indy rather than drawing him in his work clothes.

Stephen Mooney said...

This is rather fantastic, Mr. Roche, really captured the man's charm. Love me a white dinner jacket.

ladywreck said...

Great job! And here's to hoping you are better already!