Sunday, June 6, 2010

2D or not 2D?

The answer is 2D.

Just back from the 2D comics festival in Derry, so a massive thanks to David Campbell and Garry Leach for pulling the thing together, Ciaran, Bobby and the crew for wrangling the hell out of us, The O' Reilly-Mooneys for being my Mam and Dad for the weekend, and all the ace new friends and fans we met. There was a lotta Wrecker-love going down, and it really made the last year feel worthwhile. Roll on next year!

So here's one of the non-TF images I was asked to do: Cammy from them there Street Fighter Games. A nice button-bashing change of pace she was too. Big thanks to Stephen 'All moon, No Dog' Mooney for grabbing pics of my sketches for me too. He is useful.


Stephen Thompson said...

Roll on next year?! It's barely June!

Leigh G said...

Hey Nick ROCK! Bloody awesome meeting you lovely folks. Hope your interview went well!