Monday, June 21, 2010

3rd in 2D

The last of my non-robot 2D sketches, and I'll not sully this place with unnecessary robotics. The Third Doctor, Worzel 'Dad of Sean' Gummidge hisself, Jon Pertwee. Wayne, you can pretend this is a birthday present. If you want.


SEXY MOONEY UPDATE: This bad-boy should have been up yesterday, but it's my fault that it wasn't, not Nick Rock's. He had had it scheduled to go up, and had asked me to check in and make sure it posted on time(he's away at the mo y'see), and, well, I forgot. Sorry Nick, it's up now if that helps at all...

1 comment:

ATOM said...

You really captured his character with the limited use of lines, nicely done.I was always a fan of Jon (and Sean who I have met a few times on film sets..nice bloke)