Saturday, June 12, 2010

Under the Hood: Judge Dredd- Mindripper

After last weeks post, and the great response it generated, I decided to go again, but this time using a piece at the opposite end of the spectrum in terms of treatment.
My good friend from our Com.X days, Neil Googe, ocassionally drops by with a new gig for me, and I always try and fit him in, since his work is just so tasty. Neil's work is extremely clean and we tend to think the same way when it comes to knowing what fits his style. Simple, anime- style shading on the characters, with the real juice saved for the backgrounds, monsters and fx. I remember opening this and sitting for a good fifteen minutes working out how to handle sheer volume of detail and the various planes that would be needed to be cut into colourholds. As it was, the top splash ended up with at least five different areas, each colored separately, with various grads and smoke between to push the rubble about and let the artwork breathe. The baddie (a Mad Scientist made of brain tissue), got his own color hold, since he was both pulpy and thrumming with Psi energy (Google Image, as always a great lifesaver for nasty brain references).
Once again, the floor is yours.

Micks at the Eagle Awards- reminder
If you've not lived under a rock for the past month, you'll know that Dec has been Nominated for Favorite Newcomer Artist and I've been Nominated for an Eagle Award for Favorite Colourist. My current gig, l'Histoire Secrete (earlier issues reprinted in the US as The Secret History) has also been Nominated for Favorite European Comicbook.
Voting closes at Midnight GMT on the 4th of July- so get clicking folks.

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Nick said...

Make with the tutorials already, Len. This is sumptuous.