Thursday, October 1, 2009

Building Panzer Miester

There's gonna be more to this piece. It's based on a specific panel from the book and I want to put Mr. Amperduke in the background welding a seam in Panzer's arm. I re-read the book in order to find a scene I wanted to depict, and it struck me again how weirdly imaginative it is. The whole structure and life cycle of the characters, the dried bodies grown in little vats and then outfitted with lego exo-skeletons, is so brilliant. Something I've been wondering though, is Mr. Amperduke the first Irish graphic novel? Or just the first good one?


Declan Shalvey said...


That is class man. Can't wait for you to finish it.

Love how you drew the face on him.

Stephen Mooney said...

That's really lovely. How long have you spent on it so far, just out of interest?

Stephen Thompson said...

Maybe 3 hours? Something in that neighborhood.

Bob Byrne said...


What can I say? Absolutely deadly, brilliant, stunning and touching in equal measures.

Wait till you see the weirdness in the next book. No there were the Irish Language graphic novels well before me.

Stephen Thompson said...

Ah, I forgot about the Irish language stuff. I think 'cause they were a bit short and they're oversized I wasn't thinking of them as graphic novels exactly. Yeah, I'm starting to read a lot of manga these days and it's seeping into the work a good bit.

Nick said...

The things you do with the Manga Studio...gawrsh, Thompson. That's a treasure.