Sunday, October 4, 2009


Word up! Very much enjoyed getting my Bob on this week. It gave me a chance to go back to the book itself, which is impressive on every human level, and being Bob, some sub-human levels too. Purchase the fuck out of the reprint, kiddles, he may be the best of us.

Dead now, of course.

Here's my first unrecycled sketch in about two months!That Nechadron can fuck off.



Stephen Thompson said...

NIce, that's three Panzer Miesters so far. Love the swirly speed lines. Did you ever get that Cintiq?

Nick said...

I did, sir. Didn't have time to learn any speedline technique on it yet, but once I do, watch out... I'm only using it for 'pencils' so far. Not confident enough to 'ink' robots with it yet. I do love it though.

jamie said...

dear micks,
thank you very much for your time at BICS this weekend,and the sketchbook was awesome.

Kevin Mc Namara said...


Bob Byrne said...

I love it. And I love you Nicky Wickles. You did them speedlines with a real pen? Fair play to you man, fair play. Did you get the Manga Studios for Dummies I sent you?

Will Sliney said...

I must admit that when i saw the speed lines i thought it was done in MS until i looked at the larger version

Nick said...

Glad I caused Speedline-confusion with the Manga-Studio Masseef. Bob, I did indeed receive your Dummies, and curse my balls for not letting you know. A man with a big stick is popping round to thrash me about as we speak.