Friday, June 25, 2010

RIP Frank Sidebottom

I was always fascinated with Frank Sidebottom as a kid, sent him some comics years ago and he mailed me back. He died this week from lung cancer. Ah well.

Less depressing comic on Spazzmoid today


Brigonos said...

I remember being baffled by his comic strip in Oink! on a regular basis, mainly because he was on tv all the time in a perfect depiction of the supposedly depressing and outdated end-of-pier stumblebum variety act that was all but dead as a slightly more hateful kind of comedy became the flavor of the times, even in children's entertainment.

Sad that we've lost Frank while Jimmy Carr endures, but there you go.

Bob Byrne said...

Ha! Well said. The comics in Oink where fantastic, I have a few here on front of me. Genius.

Nick said...

Mad...this was gonna be the subject of my sketch this Sunday too. Oink was my first introduction to the character, so I've long had peripheral knowledge of the guy. But over the years, I've come to 'get' him and love, weirdly developing a full-on obsession with him over the last month or so. And now this. I'm genuinely heartbroken since hearing the news this week. Bobbins.

You know it is.

It really is.

Thank you.

Bob Byrne said...

Oink was the best thing that ever happened to me besides when they invented wanking back in '84

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brooker used to wirte for Oink!

LEN said...

I remember Frank Sidebottom had the best ads in my sister's copies of Smash Hits. 2010 is a horrible year for this kind of loss- he will be missed.