Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Howdy. See what i did there?

Picked up a trade paperback of Jonah Hex (DC Comics) recently to see some sweet Jordi Bernet artwork. Turns out it was a bloody good read. Would recommend it. Anyhoo, it's Tuesday (Or Tuesdec) so it's my turn to post a sketch. I thought i'd have a go at drawing Jonah Hex. Never tried it before. I like how it turned out.



Stephen Mooney said...

I too like how it came out. He's like a cowboy version of Two-Face. Nice work, Dec.

Stephen Thompson said...

Nice work Dec, I like the way you can see his molars through the hole in his cheek. (heh, hole in his cheeks..) You're no Jordi Bernet kid but your oookaaayy.

Richmond A Clements said...

I'm halfway through reading the first DC Showcase of Hex- brilliant, horrible amoral stuff!

David Ferguson said...

You always manage to do a good sketch no matter the subject. It really does have a "cowboy Two-Face" vibe.