Monday, March 9, 2009

A Very Special Episode of Blossom

Oh, hello gentle readers! I didn't see you there.
Time again for another 'Moondog Monday', or as I like to hiss, 'I should be drawing real pictures for actual cash-money'.
I'd like to dedicate this very special Moondog Monday to a longtime acquaintance, nay, chum, of mine. A man named Stephen 'Tommy' Thompson. He turns 30 years old today, so I decided to whip up a batman drawing for him, since I'm at least 50% sure that Bats is his favourite character.
Happy birthday, you wily old rascal!


Will Sliney said...

Hahaha fantastic!!!

Declan Shalvey said...

Wow, you even added colour. You must reeeaaaaalllly love Thompson.

I hear he's celebrating it with his best friend. Lisa.

Nice sketch by the way. Didn't think you'd go the 'big ears' approach with Batman.


Stephen Mooney said...

Lets be honest Dec, I haven't a clue what I'm doing at the best of times... my favourite version of bats was always Bisley's, so the big ears thing probly comes from that.
And Lisa is quite rightly Thompson's best buddy. I've been quite happy with a fairly distant second for years now. In fact, I think in one really pathetic moment way back when, I actually asked him was I his next bestest friend. I assume we ran around the yard pulling girls' pigtails right after.

Stephen Thompson said...

You're 100% right Mooney, Batman would totally love me if he were real, but I'd still like Lisa better. Plus I'm stunned that I warrant a totally original Mooney sketch. I don't think I've seen you draw Batman since we were wee teenagers, you had a penchant for the big Bisley ears back then too. My favourite bit is the arm anatomy which you don't get to break out much anymore, working on the likeness books.

Lisa said...

Stephen can pull my pigtails anytime.

Stephen Mooney said...

Re-oww! You meant me, right?

Lisa said...


Stephen Mooney said...

That's what I though.
Anytime, anyplace.