Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chris Redfield

So I had big plans yesterday to draw a RE5 diorama with hoardes of zombies aswell as maybe Sheva aswell, but f#ck me that was a good match on the box so that kinda took up most of my time. The character design in RE5 is pure class, i love costumes that have loads of little bits to them.
Also, with my day landing on a Wednesday, I get to announce any books that come out from the land of Micks. Farscape Strange Detractors is out today stateside and hits Europe tomorrow. Just finished up issue 3 actually so Im gonna get around to adding a few bits and pieces to this blog that are needed.


Stephen Mooney said...

Nice job Will, I like his big chunky American runners(trainers?). The character designs on resi 5 are indeed great, barring the hideous alternate costumes you can unlock. 'Safari'? 'Clubbin'!!?
And yeah, wot a game last night. My old heart could barely take it. They're never-say-die attitude is ridiculously inspiring.
Come on the Porto tonight!

Kevin Mc Namara said...

nice work,ya could add a zombie in that pic make it look like he's getting his face kicked in!

Will Sliney said...

That was the plan Kev, and still is really, if were ever gonna reproduce these I'd like to do more to it.
Yeah Steve the costumes in the older games were way better. Well have to have an oul bash off the two player next time im at your studio

Declan Shalvey said...

Sport is BORING and anyone who watches it is BORING.

Nice pic Will. Never played the game so i dunno the character, but nice one all the same.

Bob Byrne said...

Draw Wesker from the first one. Nice Will, haven't played it but I heard it's great, them African zombies are nasty old rascals.

So thats Bison, Snake and RE5,I want Dec to draw Mega Man

David Ferguson said...

Nice work.

The guns look spot on without getting too complicated.

Fran Johnston said...

Nice pic will.was a fantastic match last night and in the end the best team won. Hopefully the clash of the titans on sunday at 4 will be just as good. Toffees for the cup!

jimbott said...

Looks great Will, but I think you need to add some movement in the fabric and belts and things to inject a little energy in to it.
Love how your style is looking now.

Will Sliney said...

That ol Wesker keeps on popping his head up in all of them.
I think i fecked up the shotgun actually David, its base should be inside his wrist.
The gatling guns on the star board side did the trick for me Jamie.
Definately Fran, im getting my tickets into the hand for it tomorrow fingers crossed.
Jimmy thats a great call, i hadnt even considered that and am definately gonna give it a lash

Nick said...

Nice work, Will-Power! I love me some utilitarian costume design. Seams and guns go great together. I do like Kev's idea of having a zomble getting his mush flattened, but it's a nice action pic as it is.

If all this "foot" "ball" chat doesn't end, I'll break out some snooker stats on yo' derrieres.