Tuesday, April 21, 2009


You know what's annoying? Car insurance and morgage ads on tv. You know what's more annoying? People moaning about how 'finished' some of the sketches are on this blog. As far as i'm concerned, if you want to do a sketchy one; do a sketchy one. If you want to ink it; ink it. Simple as that.

Anyway, since i've worked a fair bit on my sketches so far, i thought i'd change things up a bit and do a really loose Gambit drawing (as i've been hinting at an X-men drawing for a while). Problem is, i ended up spending too long on it, therefore defeating the point of doing a 'sketchier' piece this week, so i thought i'd try a character i was more familiar with; Batman. Kept this one really loose; open line, no solid blacks and just a loose greywash. You can see the Gambit over on my blog if you want.

I think this might be the first recurring character on the blog. Mooney already did a Batman a while back.



Stephen Thompson said...

This may be my favourite thing you've done on the blog yet. It's certainly the most interesting. Love that you replaced the solid blacks with the gray tone.

Judy said...

I like it -- is it terrible my first thought was that it looked like he'd a stomach ache?
BTW regarding the 'finished' 'non finished', I personally don't care, the sketches are fantastic by all of you guys and ye draw them how you like.

David Ferguson said...

Not going to complain about seeing a new Batman sketch. Really like your Batman. He has a bit of an edge to him without being too nasty. I like seeing a mixture of sketches and finished pieces.

Fran Johnston said...

I think this is great dec. lovely stuff and hope you are keeping all these for the art of declan shalvey! also I think you should leagally change your name to tuesdec shalvey. we can still call you dec or tues if you wish!

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks lads.

David; i think i could do a Batman sketch with my eyes closed at this point. Really like doing them.

Judy; maybe he DOES have a stomach ache.

Thompson; really? I figured you'd like this one alright, but favourite? It was nice to try. You probably like it cuz it looks more like my layouts.

Fran; i will take that under consideration. You can call me whatever you like sir. I also decided a while back that if i ever do an art book i'll call it 'Art Deco'.

Judy said...

lol Art Deco, I like!
I should just steal you for a day and get you to draw groovy sketches for me. Stomach ache or not, he's still pretty cool

jacintha said...

hasn't will drawn wolverine twice now already?
nice work dec. you know what's great...the sketchiness of this piece on a sketch blog...also motor insurance is good

Stephen Mooney said...

This is DEFINITELY my favourite thing you've ever drawn.
Brilliant.Mood, economy of line, style, pose: love em all. I think you're getting better with every single one of these.

Declan Shalvey said...

REALLY!?! I don't get it... i knocked it out in like, 2 minutes.

Good point Jac, Will has done a Wolvie twice.

I've no problem with car insurance... it's the ads that drive me mad.

Just to spite you i'm going to do a super-rendered intricately drawn A0 sized piece next week!!!*

*that is a lie.

Stephen Mooney said...

It's the same reason Mazuchelli's Bats is my favourite, boils it down to the pure essentials.
Just.. pure... West.

Will Sliney said...

Nice stuff. Man I love Batman Year one as ye know but I def dont think DM's Batman is the best lookin one. Not by a long shot. Best one ive seen lately is Lee Beremjos in Joker. Where you barely see him, the guys meant the be a shadow. Then when you finally do, he's as intimidating as possible

Declan Shalvey said...

Yeah, but that's part of the story; That was from the Joker's point of view so you could do that. Saw him draw Batman in Lex Luthor; man of steel, and while his Bats is cool, it ain't Mazzucellis. Year one is something completely different, you HAVE to see him all the time, and even though you do, he is still mysterious.

Mazzucchelli's Batman is king.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

really good man, instant fav! cool design, great pose! top job buddy

Salvo said...

Beautiful sketch, Declan. He looks down but not out just yet!

Bob Byrne said...

"As far as i'm concerned, if you want to do a sketchy one; do a sketchy one. If you want to ink it; ink it. Simple as that."

Yeesh ,change your tampon. I feel another Dec drawing coming up.

Nice work. But it's too sketchy

Declan Shalvey said...

Hate you Byrne.

Will Sliney said...

Have to admit, I thought exactly the same thing Bob

Declan Shalvey said...

I think Bob was joking there Will.