Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sonic Boom

Im all capcomed out of it at the moment. Got my hands on an Xbox, Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5 about a week ago so by day Im drawing and by night im shooting zombies and shoryukening it up. I actually remember as a kid staring for hours at the first drawing of Street Fighter 2 I saw. Since then the art for the games has always been phenominal. I love the style of the new game with the Giant hands and muscles, and especially the promo art where it looks like a master of Japanese Kanjii art went over the already stellar illustrations. For this piece I was gonna try and recreate the effect but about half ways through I decided to go down a slightly different path.
PS, did any one see that they made M. Bison Irish in the new Street Fighter Movie... Nuts


Bob Byrne said...

DEADLY. I love this style Will, it's more gritty without being grit-tay like that one trick pony Dec. I think we should all do a week of computer game characters. I love Mega Man.

New SF movie sounds weird but good

Stephen Mooney said...

I'm up for Games characters! Bagsy Solid Snake(titter).
Yeah this is workin for you Will, looks a lot more 'organic' if you will. Is it actually traditionally done on paper or something? Definitely seems a little more alive in some sense.
Either way, I really like it.

Declan Shalvey said...

Agreed Mooney. I 'have to admit' i prefer this to all your other sketches. The white highlights are nice. Very different for you. Would like to see you do more.

I heard the new SF movie is terrrrrrrible. Bison was born in Ireland apparently, then moved to Japan as a child, raised there all his life, yet still has an Irish accent (!?). Plus i hear there's no actual street-fighting.

Anyhoo, great sketch Will.

Stephen Thompson said...

Really like the textured background to this, very nice. Damn you Bob, Mega Man's the best (God I loved Mega Man 2). I'll go with Tetris instead, should make for an easy sketch.

Leeann H said...

Trivia: Daigo Ikeno provided the brush-marked character designs for SFIV; I want to buy that game soon, and I already miss Raul Julia. :(

A video game art challenge would sound awesome; ever see the work from the i-am-8-bit gallery? There's examples here from the latest one: It's very inspired stuff. :)

Will Sliney said...

Daigo Ikeno, hes a talented bastard. Some great stuff there on the 8 - bit site. Love that painting of Link.
Dec How in the name of God have you seen the Chun Li Movie? I fired it on while doing the pic. I love how they needed a nationality for a Shadaloo Terrorist and just decided to make him Irish to add a bit of apparent credability to it. I didnt last past the first 15 minutes though. You should check out the anime movie. All Street fighting, no plot. Perfect

Ciaran Lucas said...

Irish Bison,WHAT?

This looks great. The whites are a great touch.

Leeann H said...

Will - be sure to check out the next eight/nine pages of pics! There's hundreds of paintings and fings there.

2007 gallery:

Will Sliney said...

Yeah I had a good long look through them. Im as much of a fan of gaming art as I am for comic book art. Cheers for the link Leeann.
Cheers Charco.

jamie said...

video games aside,any chance of some miracleman-themed artwork?

Rich said...

One of your best Will, keep'em coming.

Kevin Mc Namara said...

man this is the best thing ive seen ya do! sweet

Mark don't do nothing said...

Powerful pose.
Love the chin.

And the animated movie had a great plot. It was about Guile being a unless characther.