Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hate The Spider, Love The Man.

The early Roche catches a few minutes to curl off the Spider-Man. Not a terribly challenging effort from me this week - as you can see - but I'm back up to my tidemark in work again, so felt like squirting out some pure fun. Maybe next week, I'll have another of my famed and geometric "Nickleby's Wurld of Gurls."



Will Sliney said...

First Spidey after two months. Nice job Nick

Stephen Mooney said...

This is great.
I would actually pay cash-money to buy a Roche Spidey book. Right up your alley.

Declan Shalvey said...

Ah Nick, i love this one. This and last weeks piece kick the crap outta every other one you've done.

The sharp, angle-y lines and stylized figure works really well on Spidey. Lovely colour choices too, flat colour looks better on your stuff than the uber-coloured Transformers stuff, in my humble opinion.

Judy said...

oooh quirky spidey man... I like :)

Andy said...

Very swish! I always thought you would be a good fit on a Spider-Man book.

Nick said...

Thanks peeps. I've been lucky to have a few folk tell me I'd be a good fit for Spidey. need a bit of tightening up first; I'm not sure what I'd bring that others wouldn't. But we can but dream. And possibly submit samples.

Thanks for commentses!