Friday, November 26, 2010

BENDER by Nick Roche

This week's picture heading will make it a lot easier for former schoolmates to Google me, containing, as it does, the names I went by during my time at the Christian Brothers.

So yeah...Futurama, eh? What is there I can say about it? Umm...Well, I was quite tickled by the CG modelled spaceships that time I saw it.


That's all I have to say about Futurama!

Sorry to all those hoping to come across Bob Byrne today. There are other parts of the internet where your positively encouraged to come across him. He bloody loves it. But Fridays is where I'll live from now on. My new catchy day name may need some work though. Suggestions...?


Stephen Mooney said...

This really ought to be a bookmark.

Nicky Rock's Friday

Works on 2 levels, count 'em. 2.

finnegandraws said...

thats some funny sheet :D

Will Sliney said...

Yeah I think so too

LEN said...

Love the simplicity of it- great visual