Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time McFlies

In my head, I know that Part 1 is the best film, but I think my nine-year-old self will always prefer the second installment. I remember grown-up acquaintances remarking upon it's release how confusing and convoluted it seemed, but a kid's brain-chute is hardwired to unravel and fully absorb the most twisty turny of time-travel stories. Back To the Future trumps all other movie sagas for my meagre money, and part of me is glad that it was never stripmined to the extent Star Wars was. Sure, it'd be a lot harder to spin-off a billion-dollar toy empire based on these three films, but I'm kinda glad every dickhead doesn't have Marty In 1955 'Inconspicuous' Outfit action figures.

Incidentally, on my way to Oxegen last year, I met a chap with an identical replica of Marty Jr's prismatic baseball cap. And it was the most entertaining thing I saw all weekend.


Stephen Mooney said...

Wow, really impressed with this Nick. The colours are gorgeous.

Pat said...

fantastic pic mister nick, a cartoony marty that's really spot on. thumbs up