Friday, November 5, 2010


Neh, doesn't really look like him. Biff is my favourite in the series and the actor really knocks every incarnation of him out of the park. My favourite Biff is Meek Biff who washes Marty's Da's car.

A new double dose of everyone's least favourite web comic up now, next week: FIGHT!


Stephen Thompson said...

I like his beady eyes, nice. I was always surprised he didn't go on to bigger things. I mean he convincingly played a teenage thug and a grizzled old gunfighter in the one trilogy.

Will Sliney said...

Hallooo McFly!!!

Stephen Mooney said...

Really captures his dense, belligerent energy.

Heh, gotta love Biff.

Nick said...

I hoped someone would do Biff. And I hoped it would be you. You do not disappoint.

Agreed about Thomas F. Wilson, Thompson. I think, as a knuckleheaded imbechild, I never connected the Biff of 55 and the one(s) of 85 as the same actor. He's flippin' great as every facet of Tannen he plays.