Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marty vs Bear by Stephen Thompson

Although I like the first one the best I'm a big fan of Back to the Future 3. I particularly like Marty's 1950's atomic cowboy outfit that Doc dresses him up in when he first goes back to 1885. It's a pity I didn't get time to colour this, it's an awful combination of pink, red, baby blue and yellow.


Mansloth said...

dude, you have to get round to colouring this, its totally tits.

This is funny as hell.

Bob Byrne said...

Yeah I've come around to liking Part 3 too. Colour that up son. Great piece

Will Sliney said...

Wow. Deadly drawing. One of your best. Nice one Thompson

Stephen Mooney said...

Ha, Excellent stuff altogether.

And of course the first film is the best, there's no comparison.
The second and third are worthy, worthy films in their own right too(and I love 'em both), but can't quite match the flawless storytelling of the first.

nickrunge said...

Outstanding! This is such a great drawing!

"Doc, are you sure these clothes are authentic?"

"Of course they are! Haven't you ever seen a western?!"

Nice one Thompson.

Nick said...

Terrific drawing, Thompson. I've been studying the lines for ages. Some lovely stuff happening. And YOU made it happen.