Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Essential X-Men no. 57

Or Uncanny X-Men no. 342 for you Americans amongst us.
My exposure to comics came mainly from seeing the characters in cartoons first. So my main influence were the 90's Spidey and X-Men cartoons. The first comic I got that made me want to draw comics was Marvel Panini's Essential X-Men no. 57, which came out in February of 2000.
(I just found the date there. God it feels like a lot lot longer ago, considering I have been drawing comics full time for nearly four years now)
The artist was the mighty Joe Madureira and I must have read over the issue hundereds of times. I loved all the chunky black lines and the over exadurated muscles. The x-men end up boarding a Shi'ar ship where they change outfits too. It starred Gambit, Rogue, Bishop, Beast, Joseph (Magento or whoever he was), Trish Tibley and Deathbird against the Phalanx.
I redrew one of the pages with Bishop after I got it, then the following year (my first in College) I drew this Bishop. (A redrawing of one from that same page)

Heres me with my first ever comic.


JayKent said...

JoMad is a God when it comes to pencils so I too enjoyed his Uncanny adventures but Superman being your first Excellent! mine was Batman and Robin Uk annual which had a story of Robin the Teen wonder I've been hooked on Grayson since

Stephen Thompson said...

Man, it's like you were sponsored by Superman as a kid. Although you're wallpaper kind of looks like it was designed by Bob Byrne.

Stephen Mooney said...

Wow, this one is weird to me, as I clearly remember buying that issue and collecting all of the Joe Mad stuff(it was exceptioanally good) at the time. It's only ten years ago! We were reading comics for 10 or so years by that point, so strange.

Cool story though, Will. LOVE the supes bedclothes and jammies.

I wonder if anybody's most inspirational book wasn't x-related? Surely Bob will produce something from left-field?

Will Sliney said...

I wasnt sponsered by Superman as a kid, I was superman. Until I got bitten by a Spider that is.
Yeh, I got an awful shock when I saw the date. Just shows How much can hapen in Ten years

jacintha said...

i'm seeing a running theme in the inspiration so far this someone going to throw a curve ball?

Anonymous said...

I had the same Superman bed covers !!!
Great stuff !!!