Wednesday, August 4, 2010

STUDIO by Will Sliney

I must've missed the email where we all decided to do this but its fun none the less. Of course as we all know, none of us can compete with Mooneys Castle, and like Declan, I too am in a temporary set up in my old room seeing as though I hva just come back from New York.

Anyways, lets get the ball rolling shall we.

Heres the main drawing area. Including a chair I robbed from my old college. I searched all over Cork for a proper curved table that I can swoop around going from computer to drawing board but the cheapest one was 500 euros so Ive come up with a temporary solution by combining desks. The table set up goes from Art Materials, to drawing board (Soon to have a lightbox on one side of it), to laptop, to cintiq, to iPad. I use the iPad a lot now for scripts and referance as its quite quick and easy to navigate. The laptop just powers the cintiq and usually plays a DVD or some music. Above the desk are old Everton and Ireland match tickets and to the right are old comic book panels that have been in my room since I was a teenager.
Look closely and you can see Crichton and Aeryn from Farscape peering over the cintiq, willing me to get the pages drawn.

Next up we have the library. Its mainly Marvel stuff to be honest, and mainly Spiderman at that. Although the DC collection has been building up a bit more in the last year or so. See those things to the left Declan, they are called weights.

Standing tall and proud atop the bookshelf are those Marvel Figurines. I stopped collecting them about a year ago but I do intend on picking up a lot more. I have a lot of things planned for when I build my own studio. A shelf housing these guys is one of those plans.

The reason why I loved those little figurines is that they stopped me buying tons of action figures. I couldnt resist these MOTU ones though. The designs on these figures are amazing. Doing a He-Man comic one day is definately an ambition of mine.

Art materials. My favourite are the Zebra pens got from JET pens online. Cheers to Bobby Timmony of DC's Night Owls for the heads up

And finally an old, old Spiderman painting from one of the five times in my life that I painted


Stephen Mooney said...

Sweet set up man! Love the 'William' sign on the wall beside Spidey.
It's like a weird little slice of history getting to see the rooms you and Dec grew up and started drawing in, makes me very nostalgic for my old studio.
It was kind of decided in one of the comments sections last week that we'd go ahead with the studio pics thing, a couple of people asked for it.

Will Sliney said...

Heh, yeah its mad to think all the years I've been drawing in here. This is jogging a lot of memories to be honest too.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Love the He-Man collection! Those are the new ones, right? I love those. I've got He-Man, Battlecat & Teila from that series (I have to say Teila was way cooler in the new series. Love her.) I also have the original versions of those three, as well as Orko...

Will Sliney said...

Yep sure are. They are my guilty pleasures. Think I saw your Orko actually at your BBQ!

Bob Byrne said...

Nice. What happened to the set up over looking the sea? You shouldn't have posted the Spidey painting at the end. It's like going home with a girl to see her room covered in Garth Brooks posters and you just can't do it.

Stephen Thompson said...

You saw her Orko at a BBQ?! Saucy.

Anonymous said...

By The Power Of Grayskull !!!
That's a great collection of Graphic Novels & Figures,
Nice to see the wall painting too.
I think most artistic types have done that kind of thing to their bedroom walls in their youth.

Leigh G said...


Nice job ladies, though Will, you and Dec should get a studio together. then you wouldn't have to travel to get those oiled massages you give each other at the end of a long stressful day.

Love the fact that you painted Spidey on your wall. When I was still back at my parents I painted my whole bedroom up as a dugeon and at various stages had Dick Tracy, Gambit and Cerebus (?) up there.

Stephen Mooney said...

Ha, oh yeah, it was Leigh's idea! Sorry, madam.