Sunday, August 22, 2010

Justice Department Summer

I did this for a different project, but since it's such hoot, I'm sticking it up here.
It's my first Dredd in years, and modesty aside, it's odd to see how much better I've gotten in the meantime.


jamie said...

lovely dredd pic,but what happened to friday and saturday?
come on,bob and len... you're letting the side down!

Stephen Mooney said...

This Len's! Just operating on U.S time as opposed to Ireland.

Really nice profile shot Len. Chin-spiring stuff.

Nick said...

Lovely Dredd. Think I may have one in me in the near future. This has only spurred me on further.


LEN said...

I'm a big Fan of both Brendan McCarthy and Colin McNeil's Dredd, so it's a weird amalgam. Would love to do more- I think I've loosened up and gained a lot more confidence in the meantime.

jamie said...

i feel like a right 'nana.