Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Fistful of Shanix, Yes?

Everyone's favourite Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Death's Head!

I got asked to sign someone's boobs at Auto-Assembly...



Stephen Mooney said...

Was it a girl?

Great pic.

Nick said...

It WAS a girl. Plenty of fillies at Robo-Ventions, oddly enough.

Wadeboski said...

Very Cool.

It is very odd with the fillies. I can vouch for that though. Highly eccentric - as opposed to errr... us.

What did you say to her in the end?

Stephen Mooney said...

I'd have signed and numbered 'em both.

Hell, Dec would've signed them with his love-pen.

Simon Williams said...

Great DH pic, Nick!! You still got the original of this? May know someone interested in it, yes? ;o)