Friday, August 6, 2010

Studio by Bob Byrne

My studio is up these stairs....

My girlfriend NEVER comes up to visit except to print things. We both lived in an apartment in Dublin where my desk was in the living room so we were sitting 3ft apart both with headphones on so I absolutely love having my own space now

The studio leads on to the terrace which is the same size as the room itself, it's great. We're right on the top floor so nobody can see on to it. I sit over there on the left.

To the right is a collapsable desk with my pc and my top secret hydroponics lab where you can see three little baby hash plants just about to sprout into monsters. Above it is my notice board which I usually use as a production list but as you can see there's not much happening!

Beside that is the book shelf. Not that many comics or toys, mostly incredibly interesting history and educational manuals. Notice the pink stair stepper machine, absolutely indispensable for exercising. I'd recommend all you Micks get one, every time I send a big file or whatever I hop on that thing and strut it with gay abandon.

Here is my desk. I put a custom sliding tray on it for the Cintiq and it's perfect for switching between the two screens.

And what studio would complete without a visit from other artists?

So that's my place. Not very swanky like Mooney's but check out my view from the terrace. I sit out there drinking most days when I should be working. It's really calm.

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So now you know where the magic is made, go read some, the last panel is something every artist can relate to.


Will Sliney said...

Hahaha, that pic with Dec is fantastic. Great set up Bob.

Bob Byrne said...

I'm getting a life size print out made of him. With a hole in it.

Stephen Thompson said...

You're the only person I know who'd own both a copy of Semantics and Kamen Rider posters. Lovely set up, much bigger than I remember from earlier photos. Are you ever tempted to drag a drawing board out onto the terrace or is it just too hot?

Stephen Mooney said...

Hmmmm. My studio could really do with a terrace...
Beautiful setup Bob. Lovely airy feel to the place, and the view is amazing. I'd love to be able to hop out to the sunshine like that whenever the notion took me.
I'm also a massive fan of spiral staircases.
And indeed, what studio would be complete without the requisite photo of Dec squatting.

Declan Shalvey said...

Where would the hole go?

Lovely set-up Bob. Clearly i have the squattiest, Mole-man type situation going.

Stephen Mooney said...

Truth be told it was nice having Dec up for a few days.
He's alright.

Bob Byrne said...

Nice Bladerunner photo snooping Thompson! You can't work outside really, the glare off the paper is too much more than the heat.

Dec the hole would go where your bum is you dummy

Anonymous said...

A Room With A View...NICE!
...Something tells me that isn't Ireland ?!?!?!?

Bob Byrne said...

Oh yeah, should have mentioned it's in Spain!

Stephen Thompson said...

That's not Tallaght!?