Tuesday, August 24, 2010

X-MEN Issue 35 Tribute

This was fun.

For my 'Inspiration Week' i decided to do a 'remake' of the cover of the comic that had a huge effect on me. It was X-Men Issue 35 written by Fabian Nicieza, pencilled by Liam Sharp and inked by Robin Riggs. I thought i might mess around a little with the composition by moving the figure more into the foreground and push Cyclops and Phoenix into a smaller corner; to make them look more trapped. Also, the costumes Liam Sharp came up with just weren' t working for me when i tried to draw them, so i just changed them to the current SHIELD uniforms (In the issue, it was a variation of SHIELD uniforms that were given to them, so it still makes sense story-wise)

I had been reading stuff like Duck Tales and a lot of Asterix as a kid, but it was both the Batman and X-Men animated series that got me hooked on comics. By that; they were got me into drawing comics, but at that stage I hadn't get properly gotten into the comics themselves. In X-Men Issue 35, Cyclops and Phoenix (who i knew from the cartoon) had returned from the future (had no idea why) and met Nick Fury (knew him from the Spidey cartoon?). Fury sent them on a mission to investigate the mutant Sunset Grace. It was a sad done-in-one story and it got me HOOKED. The next issue confused the hell outta me; Jubilee, Emma Frost, Banshee and Sabretooth were in the X-Men. Where the hell was Gambit and Wolverine? Anyway, i clearly stuck with it and became a huge X-nut.

PS. I totally should have put an 'after Sharp' in the signature. Whoops.



Craig Collins said...

That's a very classy version, very moody. I take it you've heard of this?:


Nostalgic for me too, it was one of the first comics I bought, also off the back of the animated series. I remember I bought it just after a bunch of vaccinations and polio drops.

Lovely work!

Stephen Thompson said...

And you should have inked it with a Sharpie. Lovely version of the cover, I especially like the colours.

Will Sliney said...

Deadly stuff Dec. Looks like someone learned how to do a little photoshop filter!!

Stephen Mooney said...

My favourite part is the cool retro shield outfits/variants you've dressed them in, very nice.

Declan Shalvey said...

Thanks guys!

Will; that's just a gradient yoke. The most simple and basic photshop effect and yet i still struggle with it. Though i might be going too mad with it, but when i kncked it down and tried to make it subtle it just lost any impact.

Cheers Thomps; glad you like the colours. Weirdly; i hate purple, but i just used the colour of the fog from the original cover and ran with it. Glad it worked out.

Mooney; that is also my favourite part! They are actually the current standard SHIELD outfits though. No retroness about 'em.

Nick said...

Gonna see a lotta 90s X-Men stuff this week, I reckon. Shoulda made THAT the theme.

Lovely stuff Dec, but an even bigger kudos goes to you for reminding me about this issue. I remember being blown away by the showy layouts and laboured rendering in this issue. As a non-Kubert fan, I longed for Liam to take over X-Men full-time. I totally bum this issue, and must dig it out soon.

Unknown said...

This is great. You should use purple more often. Get over your hate!

Nicolas Sage said...

That original cover served as reminder of my strong dislike of comics in the '90s. Especially in comparison. Your version is faaaaar superior IMHO. Very nice!

Bob Byrne said...

You're wrong Dec, your thinking of the old new SHIELD outfits that Nick Fury made when the Phalanx attacked in the Battle of who gives a shit.