Sunday, November 29, 2009


Wotcher! Here be a sketch of Conor Broekhart, lead character in Eoin Colfer's wonderful novel, Airman. It's the Count of Monte Cristo mixed with Batman, with a slight steampunk flavouring, set in a parallel universe version of Wexford in the 19th Century. It really is a blinding read, and I made the pitiful and toadying offering of the original artwork to the author himself at the closing ceremony of last week's Wexworlds Festival back home. I all but drew a speech bubble begging 'Let's work together!' on the original. But yeah, Airman's perfect Christmas reading material for younger relatives, or people like us.

Done in Faber Castell brushy pens. Can't wait to start our Christmas offerings!


Declan Shalvey said...

That's class man; look really different from your usual posts. I really like the scratchy, non-solid blacks you used... makes the costume look rough and leathery.

I'm just waiting for someone to use 'rough and leathery' in a disgusting way. Surprised it's not me, to be honest.

Stephen Thompson said...

Heh, I'm watching an interview with Eoin Colfer right now on the Book Show. This is great, something in the sketchy blacks that reminds me of Eric Canete. I read the first few pages of Airman, sounded quite fun. Isn't somebody making it into a movie?

Nick said...

I think a lot of Eoin's stuff is optioned in one form or another, which is great. I enjoyed un-cleaning my lines on this one, and working in something other than pigment liners and such. Airman's a homemade kinda hero, so I guess that informed the drawing.

Liam said...

That's beast, Nic. Like Dec said, looks different from your other stuff but diggin' it.

Colfers stuff has been optioned ever since Artemis Fowl came out yonks ago but to no fruition unfortunately.

Stephen Mooney said...

Is it me or does this look a lot like Nick during his weekly dress-up?
Great piece man, the goggles being my favourite part.
Love me some goggles.

Celine said...

Great stuff. I like it a lot - it captures a good atmosphere with a small amount of BG detail.

I really must read Airman!

celine said...

PS - Airman is being produced by Zemeckis direcetd by Gil Kenan ( Monster House) - using mo-cap unfortunatly. Would have loved to see it live action with 3D elements.