Monday, November 23, 2009

Frank Einstein/A4 Art

Madman this week, he's nutso. One of the first American comics I was exposed to back in the day was some of the really early Madman stuff written and drawn by a then newbie Mike Allred. I've always loved the simplicity and immediacy of his costume and the wacky adventures he inevitably finds himself in. Thanks to Fran Johnston(the man, the legend, the aroma) for yet again being the dood what showed me the book.

This drawing was done with the lovely new pens I picked up at 'A4 Art' on Thomas st. in Dublin. Can't say enough good things about this as an art supply store, incredibly knowledgeable proprietors who know the game and are full of genuinely helpful suggestions, a great, eclectic(!) mix of traditional and hard-to-find media, and a fantastic location a couple of doors up from the National College of Art and Design on Thomas st. next to the Clock pub. Myself and Dec spent a lovely half-hour there on friday last just perusing their lovely pen selection.
Sterling shop, very highly recommended. Go check it out and tell 'em the Micks sent ye.


Will Sliney said...

Class, must check it out next time im up there

Anonymous said...

A4 Art is the only place I get my pens and inks.Every time I go there`s always some bizarre Japenese doodad I`ve never seen before.
Which pens did ye use with this?The Deleter Neopiko pens,or whaaaaaaaa?

Declan Shalvey said...

Agreed Mighty Moondog. Those new nibs i got are workin' a treat. Will be going back there for sure.

Great madman. Yer on a bit of an auld roll with the sketches there.

Stephen Thompson said...

Nice! Plus Harry Potter totally nicked his forehead scar from Madman's costume.

Stephen Mooney said...

Cheers deckard, thomps.
Yep Lukey, A4 is great altogether.

Nick said...

For my shame, I've never read Madman, though I love Allred's stuff. The nearest thing I got to enjoying the adventures of Madman was devouring the old WB animated series, Freakazoid. Beautiful.

Lively l'il drawing, Moonikins. Very confident stuff.

jamie said...

yeah,i second luke...
what type of pens did you use?
like it matters,lol.
but i'm curious like that.